Sangría is a traditional product and the firsts recipes are from the 1700s. Its name was registered in the Spanish Dictionary by Father Padre Esteban Torres in 1788. He was inspired by the word “sangre” (blood) in Spanish to denominate this beverage that has a beautiful cherry colour with purple reflections, very clean and crystalline.

TINTOMANIA, our sangria, also called the “the lemonade wine”, is produced with the traditional recipe since 1949. Our sangria is produced with the same care so you can appreciate the little bubble that involves the citric aromas.
Made with Tempranillo and Syrah wines, you can distinguish them with the aroma of orange, lemon and evocation of wild fruits.

In spain, during the 20s, antonio vargas from “venta de vargas” in cordoba, produced this refreshing beverage made of wine and siphon with ice to keep his costumers cool during the scorching summer. We strictly respect the original idea in the production process of tinto de verano tintomanía so this amazing beverage continuous to be one of the best inventions.